I am a singer-songwriter-pianist originally from Surrey, London,
with a Filipino and Sri-Lankan descent. I attended SS Peter & Paul
RC Primary School, St Augustines RC School and later in life,
Dudley Music College. Originally in my younger years I wanted to be an
Archeologist/Geologist/Scientist, always intrigued with
nature and curious about the creation of the world. My mum also really
wanted me to get involved with music/the arts. She started me at a
singing/dancing and drama group called Stage Coach from the age of 6,
then decided to pay for weekly keyboard lessons near my primary school, at the age of 9. When I first had keyboard lessons in my
early years, I was beginning to read and write music. My first tune I
learned I think was a nursery rhyme – either that or a childs rendition
of ‘Fur Elise’. I was enjoying my lessons, and I could understand the
basic terminology of chords, notes and rhythm. However I stopped
taking lessons when I moved to Yorkshire at the age of 13. From
then on I was drawn to music after learning how to play the keyboard,
which led me to take Music as a subject at school. It was that which
gave me a chance to put my first composition together for a GSCE
project, called “Love again” at the age of 16. Initially, I didn’t think
much of the song until my music teacher, Mr Baron, heard it and told
me to record it in a professional studio. So I took his advice, aswell
as performing my song at events and competitions, which always
had positive feedback which gave me the confidence to continue making music.